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In the process of studying the adenovirus, the presence of about 100 of its species was established, which differ from each other in tropism to a certain type of tissue of the human body, Plavix pills, types 4 and 7, 14 and 21 cause disease mainly in adults, but types 1, 2, 5 infect the body of children, remaining and persisting for a long time in their tonsils, the 3rd type of adenovirus can cause the development of pharyngoconjunctival fever in both children and adults.


In the environment, without the influence of any damaging factors, the virus can exist for up to 14 days, its resistance to chloroform, ether, to various soap solutions is noted, but when boiling and when exposed to disinfectant solutions, it immediately dies. Not exposed to low temperatures and drying factors.

The immediate source of adenovirus infection is considered a sick person and also a virus carrier. A particular danger to the people around is the one who got infected in the first 2 weeks, since there is an active release of the virus, but often the patient remains a source of infection for another 2 weeks, falling on the stage of recovery. The routes of transmission of adenovirus infection are fecal-oral, as well as airborne.


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Most often, this diagnosis is found in children from six months to 5 years, as for younger babies, their immunity in the presence of breastfeeding is supported by protective maternal antibodies.

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